NGS-tjänsten – in English

"NGS-tjänsten" is an online catalogue of e-health specifications in Sweden. The Swedish eHealth Agency maintains this service and offers support to groups and individuals who create and maintain specifications in the e-health domain.

The Swedish eHealth Agency created the catalogue in collaboration with other authorities and organisations, as part of a government assignment . The initiative is a core part of the Swedish e-health strategy Vision for eHealth 2025 and contributes to the strategic objective of improving interoperability in the health care and social care sectors.

NGS Tjänsten

The catalogue "NGS-tjänsten" – a brief description

The catalogue furthers the vision to eliminate ambiguity when systems, professionals and organisations exchange information. Harmonised and reusable specifications – and a shared commitment to ensure their widespread adoption – are fundamental to achieve interoperabilty.

For adopters, the catalogue offers a convenient overview of e-health specifications within health care and social care. For organisations that develop specifications, the catalogue provides a platform to share and promote their work more widely. These services are offered to everyone, public as well as private organisations.

Nationally applicable e-health specifications – the "NGS" status

E-health specifications are assessed using internationally developed criteria (EU-projects EXPAND and JAseHN). Specifications that meet the criteria will be awarded the status "NGS" – i.e. nationally applicable e-health specification.

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The NGS assessment process: step by step

  1. The publisher of an e-health specification notifies their interest to initiate the assessment process.

  2. Assessment of the specification is carried out by the Swedish eHealth Agency together with the publisher. This step also considers existing joint and national e-health specifications.

  3. The assessment result and the e-health specification are reviewed in an open referral process. Responses are compiled and analysed.

  4. The e-health specification is either approved as a joint and national e-health specification or not. The decision is communicated to the publisher.

  5. Details about the joint and national e-health specification are published in NGS-tjänsten.

Assessment process for e-health specifications

What is an e-health specification?

An e-health specification is defined as:

"a structured description of requirements and rules for documentation or information exchange – within or between information systems – which are detailed enough for implementation within health care or social care and related areas."